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Since Mr. Uhachi Wasino developed first steam trap 1918 in Japan, Wasinokiki Co., Ltd. evolved to become expert of manufacturer for Strainer and Sight glass, using registered "UW" trademark.
Customers and suppliers are our most important asset.

Based on UW vision 2020 concept, we are currently exploring "original" Kaizen method and innovative activities ideas to enhance our capability of business foundation to growth further.
Declared; "Become irreplaceable UW expert" to pursue our vision in 2020.

3 key pillars;
1. Clear Company Strategy to sustain strong Company Framework. Support simplified management structure to enhance Worksite Capability.
2. Continue to improve and establish sustainable manufacturing structure. Foundation to level-up activity to establish "OUR WAY" and implement Manufacturing efficiency key objectives to deploy Quality ownership strategy in all areas of the business to support clear goals & objectives to achieve and sustain step-by-step improvement.
3. Foster and Develop skills resources and team power to pursue customer excellence. Offer better workplace environment to establish effective talent Recognition & Development Process to focus sustainable manufacturing quality standardisation to credit customer reliance and excellence.

I promise to use all my capability to endeavour to try my best for the Company. We are embarking on new quest and will be as one in pursuing the goal. We will advance together, step by step, ever forward to lead the way to the UW future.

I appreciate you all for the continuous support to Wainokiki.
Thank you.

Makoto (Mike) Kako
Makoto (Mike) Kako
Wasinokiki .Co.Ltd.

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